Come to work in Lapland Finland, while at the same time breathing in the purest nature anywhere in the world. Alongside work you can participate in your beloved hobbies such as skiing, snowboarding, fishing, snowmobile rides or hiking in the mountains.


Lapland has a huge demand for seasonal staff from December until May. There is a shortage of cleaners, hotel staff, waiters and waitresses, chefs and other skilled catering staff. Between  01.02.-30.04.2022 we need over 100 different vacancies filled.


We work in cooperation with Finland's leading recruitment agency. We'll organise distance interviews, during which you'll be briefed on different openings, wage expectations, accomodation, travel arrangements and other considerations concerning your adventure to Lapland!



Interview Process


Go to the APPLICATION page in the top right corner, tell us briefly about your relevant work skills and basic information. We'll touch base with you soon to arrange a distance interview. The Spring season in Lapland begins at the start of February and we are seeking staff for the travel and tourism segment, hotels and restaurant businesses. Limited language proficiency in Finnish desired but not necessary, as English profiency is fine too. In case you need help in tax affairs or banking we can be of assistance with this.  

With every vacancy comes accomodation, so you don't have to stress about this yourself.







We'll help you find work and an apartment in Lapland in no time! 

Why come to Lapland?

Our affiliate recruitment agency are the leading staff leasing company in Finland, with over 1000 vacancies in different fields all over Finland. Act quickly and get in contact with us today! Finland is experiencing a massive staffing shortage in varied sectors and we can offer the suitable candidate a job, housing and a decent salary. We own an instant interpretation company with 90 interpreters in 30 different languages, offering you help during the interview process and while in Finland, in English, Spanish, Portugese, Kurdish, Arabic and Italian to name but a few.

Apply now!


Fill in the application and send it to us urgently. We'll contact you and arrange a brief interview with you. During the contact with us, you'll receive information on wages, working hours, living arrangements, hobby possibilities, travel and other important aspects close to your heart.