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Send your application now! We will provide opprtunities for different locations and seasons that have major demand for seasonal or even full time professionals. By providing as comprehensive information as possible in the application, you will have better opportunity in succeeding as an applicant. If you want to have more information about our services,

e-mail: info@laplandjobs.com

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Send us a short application and your curriculum in Finnish, English or even in your native language. Tell us who you are, contact details, age, work experience, what work you'd like to do and why especially you would like to relocate to Finland to work. Mention also the length of contract you seek (currently we are filling in positions for the Spring season of 2022 from 01.02. - 30-04.2022 and for the coming summer 2022). All your data is secure with us and you'll receive no junk mail from us.

Please note that you should be an EU - citizen!