Why come to work in Finland?


Travel and tourism seasonal vacancies come with a fixed monthly wage. Salaries after tax vary between 2000-3000 euro a month depending on vacancy. Maximum working hours per month are 159.

Apartment from Employer

At all the resorts and apartment is arranged for staff through the employer. Rent is between 200-300 euro/month. A contact person will help you in opening a bank account and visiting thr tax office.

Labour can move freely within EU area

If you are an EU citizen, moving abroad for work doesn't involve any tricky burecracy, it's fluent and easy.

FInland has a massive shortfall of skilled Restaurant and Hotel Staff

If you have work experience in the travel and tourism sector and are able to speak some English or Finnish, then vacancies are filled fast and a fully furnished flat awaits you here!

Possibility for travel reimbursements

In some instances you can obtain travel reimbursements. Travel reimbursements are paid depending on work experience and the length of contract in Finland. Reimbursements agreed individually on a case by case basis.

Come to lapland from February to April

The next spring season starts beginning of Feb 2022 and ends at the end of April. Needed are hunderds of different professionals in different working sectors. If you enjoy your stay, remain with us for the summer season too, in different locations the summer season kicks off in May and lasts until August. Apply now!

WHY laplandjobs.com

We work in conjunction with Finland's leading recruitment agencies who have thousands of open vacancies all over Finland on an ongoing basis.  Laplandjobs.com -service helps the candidate find suitable employment and living solutions. When you apply with us, we punctually arrange a distance interview with you, where you get to hear about the opportunities we have on offer. If you so wish, our interpreters can aid you during the interview to make sure you have understood everything that Lapland and Finland has to offer.